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Bonus Instructional Videos 

quick mini course

A Quick & Customized Mini-Course for Raleigh Residents

The structure of government in North Carolina can sometimes be confusing, especially for newcomers.
This video helps explain it. Highly recommended for all voters in Raleigh, North Carolina.

7 min, 58 secs

Why you need to join a CAC

Why You Should Join One of Raleigh's Citizen Advisory Councils

Mayor Mary-Ann Baldwin abolished support for Citizen Advisory Councils (CACs) in
February, 2020. The groups had enabled citizens to learn about their cities and interact with law enforcement and the community. Some groups are still active. Learn why you should join.

Length: 2 min, 38 secs

Not Endorsed, the Mayor Attacks Members of her own Party and Brags that She has $500K 

What Raleigh Mayor Baldwin said

1. What Raleigh Mayor Mary-Ann Baldwin Said...

In July of 2022, the Wake County Democratic Party made a wise decision and decided NOT TO ENDORSE Mayor Mary-Ann Baldwin.

The News & Observer asked for her reaction, and this video "translates" her quote. It appears she believes that her money (from her real estate developer donors) will buy her the election. She also thinks those who disagree with her are "radical activists." (NOTE: In a previous media interview, she said that those who disagreed with her were retired and "had nothing better to do.")

Length: 1 min, 42 secs

Shocking, Abusive Behavior

Should this person remain mayor

Should This Person Remain Mayor?

On May 30, 2022, the mayor screamed at a 10-year-old girl at a Carolina Hurricanes hockey game, that she was going to call the police on her, terrifying her. Later, the mayor LIED to the media about it and also said the girl's father was LYING (and he wasn't!).

Length: 4 min, 50 secs

Disrespect to Citizens

Why is Mayor Baldwin Acting Like a Dictator?

Why is Mayor Baldwin of Raleigh Acting Like a Dictator?

Mayor Baldwin has proven repeatedly that she despises the residents of Raleigh. In this video, she calls the security police on residents who politely applauded a fellow citizen. No one had done anything wrong; applause has never been against the rules.

LENGTH: 2 mins,  33 secs

How Mayor Baldwin Responds to a Citizen 4. How Mayor Baldwin Responds to a Citizen's Simple Question

This video documents what Mayor Baldwin really thinks of the residents of Raleigh and how she responds. You have to view it to believe it. The video was in 2021, and she now pretends to listen (in 2022), but that's only because it's an election year.

LENGTH: 3 mins, 15 secs

Kinda Sad

5. Kinda Sad

Before every "Public Comments" period, Mayor Baldwin reminds everyone to "be kind." You might think that means, "be kind," but it doesn't.

hen she says it, she means, "Don't criticize me." More than once, she has responded to a resident's criticism of her decisions, saying, "I'm so glad I said 'be kind.'"

It's astounding that she can't handle citizen feedback about her anti-resident actions.  

LENGTH:  3 mins,  8 secs

Watch democracy die in raleigh nc
6. Watch Democracy Die in Raleigh, North Carolina

A caring, knowledgeable citizen who is very active in her community speaks at every council meeting, and Mayor Baldwin ignores her. Watch her do it again. Also watch as another council member begins to raise his hand but doesn't. Is he too afraid of the mayor to ask the citizen a question?

LENGTH: 4 mins, 43 secs


Mayor Baldwin Comedy Show

Mayor Baldwin Comedy Show

Mayor Baldwin hired a "citizen engagement" consultant after she abolished Citizen Engagement Councils for no reason. This video, which includes actual city council footage, proves Baldwin had no clue what she was doing.

LENGTH: 2 minutes, 19 seconds

Lack of Ethics, including Lying

is mayor baldwin using taxpayer paid city resources for herself

Is Raleigh Mayor Mary-Ann Baldwin Using Taxpayer-Paid City Resources (for herself)?

Mayor Mary-Ann Baldwin spoke with her marketing friends and decided to start a "Task Force" a few months before the next election. For whose benefit was this? View the video and see if you can guess.

LENGTH: 4 mins, 29 secs

Do you know what is really going on with Parks Bond?
9. Raleigh - Do you know What's REALLY GOING ON with the PARKS BOND?

In November, 2022, Raleigh voters will be asked to vote for the biggest Parks bond in the history of Raleigh.

What voters may not know is how much of that bond will NOT benefit citizens but will benefit the Mayor and many council members' biggest real estate donor.

LENGTH: 10 mins, 45 secs

does raleigh mayor baldwn LIE
10. Does Raleigh Mayor Baldwin LIE?

The mayor told Raleigh the council when she abolished Citizen Advisory Councils in February 2020 that it would be replaced with "Revolutionary Citizen Engagement." This video outlines why that was a lie. Also see "Should This Person Remain Mayor" to learn about yet another of her many lies.

LENGTH:   3 mins,  10 secs

is mayor baldwin corrupt you decide

11. Is Raleigh Mayor Baldwin Corrupt? YOU Decide

Raleigh resident and creator of the website and all the videos on this site, Lorilyn Bailey, has watched every city council meeting since February 4, 2020. In this video, she shares some of her observations and explains why the mayor is so probematic for Raleigh.

LENGTH:   11 mins,    25 secs

Mary Baldwin Lies Again
12. Raleigh Mayor Baldwin Continues to LIE  
The residents of Raleigh want the option of participating in the Public Comments period of City of Raleigh City Council meetings. They were able to do this during the past 2 years due to COVID. They want to continue. But the Mayor says it is NOT ALLOWED according to STATE LAW. Is she lying? Watch the video to see.

LENGTH:  3 mins,  44 secs

should raleigh give mr big a tig
13. Should Raleigh Give Mr. Big a TIG?

Baldwin raised taxes. That was after she gave her real estate developer donors the ability to enjoy a "Tax Incentive Grant" enabling them to not pay multi-millions in taxes.

This video was made BEFORE she DID make that horrific decision that gives real estate developers (her top donors) tax breaks -- and then she RAISED TAXES and will raise taxes AGAIN for Raleigh residents!

LENGTH:  3 mins,  44 secs

Speaking truth to power in Raleigh, NC
14. Speaking Truth to Power in Raleigh, NC  

Wanda Hunter, during the Public Comments period of a city council meeting, brilliantly states what Mayor Baldwin REALLY means when she says, "Be kind."  

LENGTH:  3 mins,  34 secs

This is what a scammer looks like - Mary-Ann Baldwin 15. This is What a Scammer Looks Like  

A brief explanation of how Mayor Baldwin scams the residents of Raleigh. She's done worse things in the time since June, 2021, when the video was produced.

LENGTH: 2 mins, 5 secs

she had one job and she screwed it up 16. She had One Job, and She Screwed it Up

Did she really have just one job? Or two? One she received after awarding the company a multi-million-dollar city contract. She has since left the job, but of course, she saw nothing wrong with accepting it.

LENGTH:  41 secs

Mayor Mary-Ann Baldwin and Her Accomplices are Incompetent 17. Mayor Mary-Ann Baldwin and Her Accomplices are Incompetent

A summary of how they've shown us they are incompetent.

LENGTH: 2 mins 49 secs

Greed and lies 18. Greed and Lies Starring Mayor Baldwin of Raleigh, NC
An explanation of some of her lies. The job she received from a company after she awarded them a multi-million-dollar city contract is mentioned; she no longer has that job. Was she fired? Who knows. Note: The original election date was October, 2021, which is mentioned in this video. Baldwin extended it to November 8, 2022, so she could remain in power longer.

LENGTH: 3 mins, 14 secs

19. Shorter version:
should baldwin step down you decide

20. Longer version:
do you know what raleigh mayor baldwin is doing
Both of these videos (19 and 20) show how Raleigh Mayor Mary-Ann Baldwin interrupts, then bullies, and then threatens a council member who is simply asking questions of a speaker regarding potential new guidelines for outdoor seating for restaurants. Mayor Baldwin is often vindictive against those who disagree with her and seems to despise those who ask questions.

The mayor demands the councilor raise his hand and ask for her approval -- even for immediate followup questions. Committee meetings are traditionally less formal than regular city council meetings. She is abusive toward the councilor. The meeting was held November 24, 2020. As of Summer, 2022, her behavior has not improved.

Shorter Version:
Should Raleigh Mayor Baldwin Step Down? YOU DECIDE
LENGTH: 3 mins, 41 secs

Longer Version:
20. Do you know what Raleigh Mayor Baldwin is doing?  
LENGTH: 6 mins, 34 secs

Proof the Mayor Cares NOTHING about the Environment

how you can help azalea falls in raleigh

21. How YOU can Help Save Azalea Falls in Raleigh, North Carolina

Original description: This video explains why you should encourage the Raleigh Mayor and City Council to save the environmental treasure that is Azalea Falls from destruction.

UPDATE: It's too late. MAYOR BALDWIN and her council allies DID NOT LISTEN because they care NOTHING about the environment.

2 mins, 15 secs

The next 4 videos were produced by a Raleigh homeowner (the creator of this website) who asked that a planned sewer replacement be relocated 50 or so feet away at the edge of an empty lakebed than planned to avoid killing trees and destroyng bird habitat on her property. The lakebed owner agreed and appeared at the second meeting to speak, but neither property owner was allowed to speak.

For more than a year, City staff lied to the homeowner multiple times, and then a City engineer said publicly the change could easily be made and would present no problems. The requested change would have also likely saved taxpayers nearly $100,000. 

The mayor and other councl members WHO CLAIM THEY ARE ENVIRONMENTALISTS denied the request. In committee, Nicole Stewart again denied the request. They'd received many emails about the issue, and Nicole Stewart complained about the number of emails before slamming the gavel. The mayor and most of the council have proven repeatedly they despise hearing from residents.
The trees -- and bird habitat -- were destroyed.

a better option for raleigh

A Better Option for Raleigh  

This is a good summary of the reasonable request the homeowners made to the mayor and her city council allies and that they rejected for no reason.

LENGTH:  2 mins,  49 secs

ask the mayor of raleigh to save the trees and bird habitat 23. Ask the Mayor of Raleigh to Save the Trees and Bird Habitat

The City of Raleigh wants to destroy the habitats of eagles and other birds by destroying trees in two yards in Raleigh where they need to install a larger sewer. Homeowners want them to install the new sewer in the empty lake bed that adjoins their homes.

UPDATE: The mayor COULD HAVE SAVED the TREES and BIRD HABITAT (including EAGLES' HABITAT), the City Engineer said it could be done with no problem, but the Mayor of Raleigh said no -- for no reason.

LENGTH: 1 min, 10 secs

is it ok to destroy trees and bird habitat for no reason

Is It Okay to Destroy Trees and Bird Habitat for No Reason?

This video was created before the mayor and council decided to destroy the trees and bird habitat in one resident's property. The quote, "Geez. People are so emotional about their yards" was an actual quote from city council member Nicole Stewart, who, thankfully, has decided not to run in 2022. Stewart calls herself an environmentalist, yet voted "No" to what should have been an obvious, "Yes." Before slamming the gavel, she mumbled, "So many emails!" So, it was clear -- not only did she not care about the environment, she cared nothing about the opinions of Raleigh residents who took the time to engage.

LENGTH:  54  secs

eagle 25. Save the Trees and the Eagles in Raleigh, NC  
UPDATE: In February, 2020, the mayor and council voted NO, and the trees and bird habitat were destroyed for no reason.

Original description first published in April, 2019: The city council of Raleigh, North Carolina, except for the excellent councilor representing District B, voted recently to sacrifice trees and bird habitat rather than approve a request to move a planned sewer pipe replacement about 50 feet on the edge of an empty lake bed.

Although the city engineers said it was POSSIBLE to change the plan AND although iit would be LESS EXPENSIVE FOR TAXPAYERS, the city council voted NO. There has been infighting against our district representative, and we suspect that is why there was a "No" vote. We were told that it could be changed with ANOTHER VOTE.  

LENGTH: 3 mins,  24 secs

Miscellaneous Videos

queen mary and the backroom shenanigans

Queen Mary and the Backroom Shenanigans

This video was created in frustration when the mayor and council (except David Cox who is honest) had not yet made a final vote to unnecessarily destroy trees and bird habitat on private property due to a sewer replacement project. They refused to move the sewer 50 feet or so, even though the city engineer said it was perfectly fine to do so.

LENGTH: 1 mins,  26 secs

 corrupt raleigh politicians vocabulary guide 27. Corrupt Raleigh Politicians VOCABULARY GUIDE  

The mayor and her council allies all use phrases that  don't mean what it appears they mean. The mayor and her allies lie. This is a guide to what they really mean.

LENGTH: 2 mins, 56 secs

mayors guide 28. Mayor Baldwin's Guide to Citizens Making Public Comments at City Council Meetings

A satirical look at how it appears Mayor Mary-Ann Baldwin wants to control citizen comments during the Public Comments period of City Council meetings in Raleigh, NC. She tells them to "Be kind," but she isn't very kind to them.   

35 secs

 baldwin and trump - twins separated at birth 29. Baldwin and Trump - Twins Separated at Birth?  

This video explains all the disturbing similarities between Baldwin and Trump, even though Baldwin is a registered Democrat.

UPDATE: The election date in this video mentions October 2021, but the mayor of Raleigh changed it to NOVEMBER, 2022, to give herself more time in office.. Nicole Stewart, mentioned in the video, decided not to run.  

LENGTH: 2 mins, 43 secs

queen baldwin 30. There once was a Queen of Raleigh  

The City of Raleigh has a mayor who favors real estate developers over citizens. She thinks of herself as a queen. She needs to be voted out.

UPDATE: The election date in this video mentions October 2021, but the mayor of Raleigh changed it to NOVEMBER, 2022, to give herself more time in office.

LENGTH:   2 mins, 01 secs

Stop Mayor Baldwin frm Ruining Raleigh
31. Stop Mayor Baldwin from Ruining Raleigh and Vote Her Out in November 2022

Some politicians are heavily financed by big corporations. In Raleigh, NC, it appears the mayor and many on the city council are voting to make their campaign donors happy. This video explains why you should not vote for this mayor again in November, 2022. (Updated from October 2021).

LENGTH:  1 mins,  38  secs

Mayor Baldwin rap song 32. Mayor Mary-Ann Baldwin Sing-a-long Rap

This video states the following information in a rap style: Raleigh, NC, Mayor, Mary-Ann Baldwin, continues to make horrific decisions that benefit her real estate developers at the expense of Raleigh residents.  She also made a decision, through false reasons, to extend her current term 8 months -- and this is with absolutely NO citizen input. She has shown she hates interacting with citizens.

LENGTH:  1 mins,  21  secs

About this site

Raleigh resident Lorilyn Bailey
is the sole owner, creator, and maintainer of this site and its videos and receives no donations or payments from any person or organization for this work. However, many, many people in Raleigh agree with her that Raleigh needs a new mayor.

Bailey has watched or attended every single city council meeting since Februay, 2020, when Mayor Baldwin and her allies on the council voted to unnecessarily destroy trees and bird habitat on her property.  In doing so, they not only abolished (for no reason) the trees and bird habitat, but they also wasted taxpayer dollars.

Since then, Bailey has been appalled and disgusted at the child abuse, the continued unprofessional behavior, bad decisions, fake environmentalism, and lies of Mayor Mary-Ann Baldwin as she and her council allies accommodate every wish of their real estate developer donors while ignoring residents' needs and requests.  

The mayor/council race is "non-partisan," and so the political parties the candidates belong to are not listed on the ballot. Bailey and Mayor Baldwin both happen to be registered Democrats, but Bailey believes Mayor Baldwin's anti-resident decisions and other actions are in direct conflict with their party's beliefs. (The Wake County Democratic Party did NOT endorse her for the November, 2022, election.)

District B representative David Cox has been the only council member who has consistently been honest and considered the needs of the residents of Raleigh in his decision-making. Unfortunately, he has decided not to seek re-election.

Lorilyn Bailey also started a Facebook group, "City of Raleigh Politics" in February of 2020 in order to discuss the decisions of city leaders and the issues affecting the city of Raleigh. Everyone who lives in Raleigh is invited to join in the discussion.

NOTE: Others running for council you should NOT vote for include:

1. JONATHAN MELTON  and DAVID KNIGHT  -- they are current members who have supported nearly every decision Mayor Baldwin has made. Just like Mayor Baldwin, it appears neither care what residents think. See a Melton video here.

2. CATHERINE "CAT" LAWSON and JENNIFER TRUMAN -- they are new candidates. Catherine "Cat" Lawson has tried to hide her deep Republican roots to fool voters in a district with more Democratic voters.  See a Cat Lawson video here.  Both also appear to be supporters of Mayor Baldwin and/or her supporters on the council.



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